Explore the collection in a new, interessting way

You have to find objects, which have similar metadata and try to match them. The displayed objects are (semi-)randomly selected from a dataset (eg. from SNM). From the metadata of the starting object, the app will search for three other objects:

  • One which matches in 2+ metadata tags
  • One which matches in 1 metadata tag
  • One which is completly random.

If you choose the right one, the app will display three new objects accordingly to the way explained above.

Tags used from the datasets:

  • OBJEKT Klassifikation (x)
  • OBJEKT Webtext
  • OBJEKT Datierung (x)
  • OBJEKT → Herstellung (x)
  • OBJEKT → Herkunft (x)

(x) = used for matching

To Do

  • Datasets are too divers; in some cases there is no match. Datasets need to be prepared.
  • The tag “Klassifikation” is too specific
  • The tags “Herstellung” and “Herkunft” are often empty or not consistent.
  • The gaming aspect needs to be implemented

There are various cases, where the app could be used. It mainly depends on the datasets you use:

  • Explore hidden objects of a museum collection
  • Train students to identify art periods
  • Find connections between museums, which are not obvious (e.g. art and historical objects)



–> Build with two sets: Technologie und Brauchtum / Kutschen & Schlitten & Fahrzeuge

  • Micha Reiser
  • Jacqueline Martinelli
  • Anastasiya Korotkova
  • Dominic Studer
  • Yaw Lam
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