Trying to open proprietary medical sensors and connect them to the Internet.

Connecting a personal medical sensor device to the Internet enables storing measurements over time (compared to a single measurement displayed on the device display). A connected sensor is thus more valuable than a stand-alone device. Connected sensors do exist, but are often quite expensive. On the other hand, Bluetooth modules and Bluetooth enabled Smartphones are readily available and can act as a cheap gateway to the Internet.

[Oct 2012] “voodoo” interface, oscilloscope measurement:


[Nov 2012] intercepting the i2c bus:

farm9.staticflickr.com_8487_8162713640_c12a911361_n.jpgfarm9.staticflickr.com_8350_8162713504_3a08bf3bc3_n.jpg farm9.staticflickr.com_8345_8204837900_f07ca73a19.jpgfarm9.staticflickr.com_8066_8203747069_d44e3bb210_n.jpg

[Nov 2012] talking to the EEPROM (i2c multi master setup):


  • Open the medical sensor device housing [DONE]
  • Find a way to intercept data sent to LCD display [DONE]
  • Detect signals sent to LCD display with multimeter [DONE]
  • Detect signals sent to LCD with oscilloscope [DONE Oct 2012]
  • Attach wires to LCD display, to do the measurement with an Arduino [DONE Oct 2012]
  • Decode communication protocol between device and LCD display [FAILED Oct 2012]
  • Attach wires to i2c test points SCL and SDA [DONE Nov 2012]
  • Decode signals sent over i2c when storing measurements with protocol sniffer [DONE Nov 2012]
  • Read values with Arduino via i2c from EEPROM [DONE Nov 2012]
  • Setup Bluetooth module to send measurements from Arduino [DONE]
  • Receive measurements sent via Bluetooth with (Windows) Laptop [DONE]
  • Receive measurements sent via Bluetooth with Android [DONE]
  • Make measurements available on the Internet [TODO]
  • Plan B: use OCR (e.g. this Google API) to read med device display with Android camera [TODO]
  • Integrate parts, add portable battery [TODO]
  • Repackage device [TODO]
  • Screwdriver
  • Multimeter
  • Soldering Iron
  • A Physics Lab… [post event note ;)]
  • Oscilloscope [Oct 2012]
  • Logic Analyzer [Nov 2012]
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