Finding connections and pathways between book and object collections of the University Institute for History of Medecine and Public Heatlh (Institute of Humanities in Medicine since 2018) of the CHUV.

The project started off with data sets concerning two collections: book collection and object collection, both held by the University Institute for History of Medicine and Public Health in Lausanne. They were metadata of the book collection, and metadata plus photographs of object collection. These collections are inventoried in two different databases, the first one accessible online for patrons and the other not.

The idea was therefore to find a way to offer a glimpse into the objet collection to a broad audience as well as to highlight the areas of convergence between the two collections and thus to enhance the patrimony held by our institution.

Juxtaposing the library classification and the list of categories used to describe the object collection, we have established a table of concordance. The table allowed us to find corresponding sets of items and to develop a prototype of a tool that allows presenting them conjointly:

Finally, we’ve seized the opportunity and uploaded photographs of about 100 objects on Wikimedia:
  • Magdalena Czartoryjska Meier
  • Rae Knowler
  • Arturo Sanchez
  • Roxane Fuschetto
  • Radu Suciu
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