This is a LegalHack@OKCon 2013 challenge

Swiss Open Government Licence

There is not yet an “Open Government Data Swiss Licence” like the one found in UK, see Open Government License ( A license like this would help public and private organizations more quickly and widely publish their content. Good information resources surrounding the license would inform and educate content authors on its protections and opportunities for content reuse.

Hackathon goals

  1. Start or obtain French & German translations of Open Data Commons 1.0.
  2. Discuss adaptations needed to Swiss laws.
  3. Publish the results on the Web.


  • CC-BY: Examples from other countries show that a Creative Commons Licence with mandatory data source specification could be a good starting point. See in English, and in French.
  • APIE V2: L'Agence du patrimoine immatériel de l'Etat in France has defined the following licence (juin 2011): APIE V2.37
  • ODbL: Mettre les données sous OdBL reste la meilleure option pour rester compatible avec OSM: Open Data Commons ODBL


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Include links to your demo and/or source code.

  • List and link your actual and ideal data sources.
  • Christian Laux,
  • Florian Ducommun, Creative Commons Switzerland
  • Oleg Lavrovsky,
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