This is a LegalHack@OKCon 2013 challenge

Derivative Works

Explain and visualize what – from a copyright law as well as from a licensing perspective – qualifies as derivative work, in particular in the context of Open Source Software. Match case law. Create a tool allowing crowdsourcing mechanisms, to add further case law as it occurs. The project should be useful for (i) OSS licensing / distributions; (ii) copyright law infringement cases; (iii) for legal scholars bringing a rule to students / the public / any other audiences.

See introductory slides

Hackathon goals

  • we will create a data collection (court cases, references to statutory code)
  • we will visualize a rule, using data visualization techniques and tools
  • perhaps we end up building operationable code

Reference links and data sources:


(screenshots or sketches up here)

Brief description goes here. Add sections below if you need more room.

Include links to your demo and/or source code.

  • List and link your actual and ideal data sources.
  • Relevant documentation …
  • Blog or forum posts …
  • Tools you used …
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