As citizens we want to have a web mobile solution able to locate our position and display on a map different information on healthcare organisations, filtered through proposed categories, so that we could choose the best destination corresponding to our need easily, quickly and optimaly.

For example, we want to be able to select pharmacies and display all the pharmacies in a radius of 2 km with a color specifying if they are open or closed. Or getting all the practicians of a specific specialty in the same radius.

Additionally info-services for handicapped persons would be integrated into the app (we have merged the work of another group into a single project).

More info here : InstaCare-iPhone - source code in Github

Prototype fait avec axure (in progress - ouvrir le lien dans un navigateur de smartphones)

InstaCare app has been build on top of Foursquare but here are a few interesting links.


Places de parking - Libre

Places de parking - Payant

  • Similar app: MedAMGe (iPhone)
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