myGenerics gives you a quick access to a list generics for a drug of interest. The idea is to obtain alternative brands to the one you know, possibly cheaper or available from your local chemist. The results show all brands and types of packaging. myGenerics helps you to make informed decision when you purchase your drug and lower your medication costs.

  • We based our beta on the list of all products that are reimbursed by the health insurance in Switzerland

  • Each drug formulation is listed under a single ATC number. We used this identifier to search for drugs with identical effects. In addition each packaging has a unique ID number which allows us to display various products from different manufacturers, and different posologies.

  • Aniko Lecoultre (ideator)
  • Mathieu Bercher (designer,developer) (mulk)
  • Sébastien Piguet (designer,developer)
  • Luc Henry (ideator) (heluc)
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