What has been done during the last two days?

The aim is to combine the experiences we made here during the Hackathon with the experiences during earlier projects in regard to the overall Project “The Sum of All Swiss GLAMS” and let them flow into the future shape of our inventories.

The overall goal is to create one inventory that would allow automated updates on a regular basis between wikidata and the LOD Plattform of the Federal Archives called “LINDAS”. That needs further discussions with all the stakeholders involved. But step by step we are learing what is needed to create an inventroy that could allow to integrated all swiss GLAMS institutions inventories into one.

  • Dominik Sievi dsievi
  • Kathi Woitas (University Library Bern)
  • Daniel Burkhard (Swiss National Library)
  • Simeon Reiser (Swiss National Library)
  • Nina Marie Evensen
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