The aim of Foodprint is to raise awareness of the carbon footprint associated with groceries you buy every day and make suggestions on how to reduce the footprint. At the same time, the app helps users to discover new products and recipes. Based on a receipt or collection of purchases, we establish a carbon footprint. The food print can then be compared to previous weeks or other people's footprint. Moreover, the app makes suggestions on how to limit the footprint through smarter purchases such as local or seasonal products.

To input data, the app user scans a purchase receipt or imports data from loyalty programs (e.g. Cumulus, SuperCard, etc.).

The user can compare his carbon footprint of this week with previous weeks. Data is represented as easily readable and appealing statistics. Moreover, by selecting a specific week, the users sees which products contribute the most to his carbon consumption.

The user can share statistics on social networks and compete with other users to improve their food-related carbon footprint together.

The app makes product suggestions based on previous purchases. The user discovers new products and, at the same time, reduces his carbon footprint.

  • Aurelian Jaggi
  • David Graf
  • Fien Thoolen
  • Gianluigi Viscusi
  • Iselin Medhaug
  • Jochem Snuverink
  • Naomi MacKenzie
  • Theres Scherrer
  • Thomas Thurnherr

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