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 +===== Find Me an Exhibit =====
 +Are you ready to take up the challenge? Film categories of objects in the exhibition "​History of Switzerland"​ running against the clock.
 +The app displays one of several categories of exhibits that can be found in the exhibition (like "​cloths",​ "​paintings"​ or "​clocks"​). Your job is to find a matching exhibit as quick as possible. You don't have much time, so hurry up!
 +Best played on portable devices. ;-)
 +The frontend of the app is based on the game "​[[https://​​google/​emoji-scavenger-hunt|Emoji Scavenger Hunt]]",​ the model is built with [[https://​​|TensorFlow.js]] fed with a [[https://​​en/​dataset?​q=&​organization=schweizerisches-nationalmuseum-snm|lot of images]] kindly provided by the [[https://​​e/​|National Museum Zurich]]. The app is in pre-alpha stage.
 +===== Data =====
 +  * [[https://​​dataramblers/​glamhack18|Code]]
 +  * [[https://​|Demo]]
 +===== Team =====
 +  * Some data ramblers
 +  ​
 +{{tag>​status:​concept needs:dev needs:​design needs:data needs:​expert}}
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