A browser application to gather and display live opinions and emotions during football matches. Users are promted to give their opinion on a number of questions throughout the game, related to an on-pitch event, each to be answered within a couple of minutes.

A running prototype will be tested during the Champions League Final 2014 between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.

Examples of questions: - Who do you think will win the game? - Do you think the game will go into overtime? - Was this really a penalty-worthy foul? - Did player X deserve to be sent off? - How do you like player Y's performance today?

Before answering the first question, the user is prompted to enter which team s/he supports. This information is then used in the data visualisation to differenciate between answers from supporters of team A and team B.

A prototype is available here.

- One question type - One visualisation type - Editors can enter and push questions - Questions have a countdown, after which they are closed (no more votes accepted) - Users can answer questions and see results - Overview of all results (open, closed)

- List of all questions for a match - More than one question active at any given time - More question and visualisation types (currently only “select from n answer options”) - Let users select the team they support, split results in supporters of team A and team B - embeddable visualisations (for match coverage) - generalise for use with any sports that has two opponents (boxing, tennis, basketball, baseball, …) - show upcoming games in the list, let users answer questions before the game starts

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