SoDaCaMp: The art of spreadsheets

Background: in English, auf Deutsch.

This workshop is a condensed version of the Macedonian sessions run by the School of Data. The intent is to familiarise ourselves with the basic “hammer” of data wrangling: the humble spreadsheet, and for those already comfortable in Calc, Excel or Tableau, to talk about optimal ways of exploring and communicating data with them. At the same time we will bend the rules a little and make creative use of the calculation engines in our spreadsheet.

A first session facilitated by SoDa.CaMp is planned for May 1, 2015, please contact loleg to take part in person in Bern, as we have space limited to 10 participants. We will also run two virtual Hangouts at 11.00 - 11.25 and 14.00 - 14.25, which are also limited to 10 virtual paricipants.

The current plan for the day is here: SoDaCaMp 001.pdf

Links and notes on this Etherpad:

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