Open Cultural Data Hackdays

This wiki is being used to plan hackathons in Switzerland with a focus on open data crowdsourcing with GLAMs (galleries, libraries, archives, museums), that should help evolve transparency and public access in their policies.

“open data supports cultural institutions in the fulfilment of their public mission to open up access to our collective heritage” -2013 paper

Preliminary planning

  • Form core org team
  • Write a concept document
  • Draft a schedule
  • Confirm location
  • Write announcements
  • Brainstorm sponsors
  • Oleg Lavrovsky,
  • Beat Estermann, BFH

See plan for sample steps.


  • laptops
  • demo station
  • projector
  • camera
  • flip charts
  • sketch paper
  • Post-Its
  • spare pens
  • extension cables, bars
  • wifi router


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