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The Maker Badge

The first thing participants at hackathons receive when they walk through the door is a Maker Badge. These have been a token of all our events, and are both a name-badge which helps you avoid uncomfortable situations (there's nothing embarrassing in asking to inspect someone's badge: just say you want to jot down their Twitter account ;) - and a crucial decision point for every participant. Namely, how do they want to contribute at the hackathon? Everybody has to tick one or more of these three boxes:


  • people who want to change things in their community
  • subject matter experts who have data and want to collaborate/share it
  • public officials who want to help further open access for eGovernment
  • really this could be anyone! the important thing is to come up with ideas and own them


  • find out about evolving information visualization discipline
  • an opportunity to build skills and work with interactive graphics
  • help publicise and spread the message of open access
  • you do not need to be skilled in art or design, but you do need to be willing to imagine and be responsible for the way your project takes shape


  • learn tools and techniques for accessing public data sources
  • collaborate with designers and innovators on exciting applications
  • help build an outstanding platform for connecting interest across Switzerland
  • no matter what your level of technical prowess, there are tools you can use now to make open data come to life
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