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 +====== Wiki Welcome ======
 +The Swiss Make Open Data Camps are collaborative events uniting ideators, developers and designers to create **amazing things with open data**. This wiki is used for collaboration by hackday participants and organizers. Register, log in, use it - it's yours! For any questions, ideas and all things that are not "documentation": feel free to ask on the [[/forum|forum]].
-====== Make Open Data Hackdays Wiki ======+Here you can find details of the [[http://make.opendata.ch|next event]], as well as [[event:home|events in the past]], start, discover, and contribute to [[project:home|open data projects]]. For our blog and all other information please visit **[[http://opendata.ch|Opendata.ch]]**, the Swiss chapter of **[[http://okfn.org|Open Knowledge]]**.
-This wiki is used for the basic collaboration needs of the make.opendata.ch hackday participants and organizersUse it!+To find data or add links to yours, see **[[data:ch|Open Data home]]**.
-For any questions, ideas and all things that are not "documentation": feel free to us the [[/forum|forum]]!+=== What's MAKE-ing ===
 +<html><!-- Start Navigation -->
 +<table border="0">
 +<b><big><a href="/wiki/event:2016-04">Open Energy Data Hackdays</a></big></b>
 +<a href="/wiki/event:2016-04#venue_registration">Venue & Registration</a> 
 +| <a href="/wiki/event:2016-04#how_to_get_involved">Get involved</a> 
 +| <a href="/wiki/data:ch">Get Data</a>
 +<!-- End Navigation --></html>
 +[[event:2015-06|Check out the results]] of our previous MAKE event, the **Open Research Hackdays**.
 +[[event:home|Browse all past events]].
 +===== Getting started =====
 +If you're new here, welcome! Here are some useful links:
 +  * **[[information:quickstart|Open Data Quickstart]]**
 +  * [[user:home|How to post your maker profile on this wiki?]]
 +  * **[[information:showcase|Where can I find Open Data projects?]]**
 +  * [[http://make.opendata.ch/doku.php?do=recent&id=project%3Amy-generics&show_changes=pages|What about a list of the latest edited projects?]]
 +  * **[[project:home|How do I post my Open Data project?]]**
 +  * [[resource:home|Useful resources and information]]
 ===== Social Media ===== ===== Social Media =====
-Please use the tag #makeopendata on [[http://search.twitter.com/search?q=%23makeopendata|Twitter]], [[http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=makeopendata|Flickr]], etc.+ 
 +Please use the tag **#makeopendata** on [[https://twitter.com/search?q=%23makeopendata&src=typd|Twitter]], [[http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=makeopendata|Flickr]], etc
 +===== Realtime Chat ===== 
 +You can chat on the IRC channel [[irc://chat.freenode.net/makeopendata|#makeopendata]] using your own client or the [[http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=%23makeopendata&uio=Mj10cnVlJjQ9dHJ1ZSY5PXRydWUmMTE9MjA147|in-browser webchat]].
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