The information below covers getting to the MAKE.OPENDATA.CH Lausanne venue. If you are going to Zürich, please let us know so we can update your profile and send you the right information - thanks!

The Swiss Open Data Camp is a collaborative event uniting ideators, developers and designers to create amazing things with open data. Which means the event is about YOU with the unique background and skills you can share - and it takes participation from everybody to make it a success! Here are the vital details to get you started this Friday.

Getting here

We are setting up camp for two days in the middle of the EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), the room is CM 1 368 is on the ground floor behind the Information Centre and Travel Office - see the campus map.

For planning your journey from anywhere on Earth, try the EPFL-developed routeRANK.

Public transport

Details info and maps for getting from anywhere in Switzerland are available from the EPFL.

The m1 (métro) conveniently takes you every 20 minutes from the centre of Lausanne (Flon) or the Renens station to the steps of the “EPFL” station. Walk up and continue straight into the middle of the EPFL. Keep walking until you see a MAKE.OPENDATA.CH sign pointing to our event room on the left.

By car

Take the autoroute in the direction “Lausanne-Sud”, exit at “EPFL”. Parking can be seen in the orientation tool: http://bit.ly/nMWBs9

Over the 24 hours we will be running a hackathon (similar to Random Hacks of Kindness and other jams) where the focus is on forming teams with diverse skillsets and working together on projects that publish or use open data sets.

There will be extra-special recognition for anyone who helps to complete and publish their project on the wiki by lunchtime on Saturday, so your main task will be to start or find a team, and dive right in on Friday! But no worries if you don’t manage to do this right away - we’ll have several Mix and match sessions where we will make sure everyone is participating and contributing!

In addition we have a quickstart which will help to get you going even if you’re completely new to Open Data.

In addition to all this open data making and baking activity, we are going to have some really cool speakers come out to entertain you with stories of Open Data and inform you with their hard-earned knowledge. The latest schedule can be seen here: schedule

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