Data is the so-called oil of the 21st century - with the difference being that every minute there is more data produced at an enormous and growing rate. We are excited to create and take part in these hackdays to explore the mountains of data treasures around, exchange ideas and start-up new applications around new possibilities.

Law is not an exception to this rule, and as users of the Internet we are inundated with legal texts that we often fail to understand completely, yet they govern what we can or cannot do with services, and it is what obliges those service providers to protect our privacy and safety online.

At past Swiss Open Data Camps we have already had a few ideas around the theme of open legal, among them the semantic_legal and we have constantly explored and debated the boundaries of what we can legally do with the data, understand the conditions of use fully. At the next make.opendata.ch hackdays in September 2013, we will focus on the theme of online law, legal data, and data licensing in a wide sense.

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