Raw MACS data:

Transforming data.

Visualizing MACS data with Neo4j:

Visualization showing 300 respectively 1500 relationships:

Visualization showing 3000 relationships. For an exploration of the relations you find a high-res picture here graph_3000_relations.png (10.3MB)

Please show me the shortest path between “Rechtslehre” und “Ernährung”:

Some figures

  • original MACS dataset: 36.3MB
  • 'wrangled' MACS dataset: 171MB
  • 344134 nodes in the dataset
  • some of our laptops have difficulties to handle visualization of more than 4000 nodes :(

content follows

  1. get data
  2. transform data (e.g. with “Metafactor”)
  3. load data in graph database (e.g. “Neo4j”)

*its not as easy as it sounds

  • Günter Hipler
  • Silvia Witzig
  • Sebastian Schüpbach
  • Sonja Gasser
  • Jacqueline Martinelli
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