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Below you can find some cultural datasets which would be a good fit for this year Mix'n'Hack in Sion. But of course, participants can work on the cultural datasets of their choice. Have a look at the list of data:glam_ch

Rainer Maria Rilke Manuscripts

A lot of manuscripts, letters and pictures from the famous poet and novelist Rainer Maria Rilke, who spent the end of his life in Valais
Aerial Photographs Eduard Spelterini

Between 1890 and 1910 Eduard Spelterini (1852-1931) undertook a number of travels by balloon over Switzerland and other countries. While doing this, he took photographs from above. Pictures from a bird’s eye view from this time are very rare, so this collection is an important contribution to historical research.
Valais Patois

The Mediatheque Valais has digitized many recordings about the Valais Patois.

88 recordings about Valais Patois
affiche.jpg Poster Collection about Valais

A digitized collection of posters (tourism or other topics) dating back to 1895.
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