Find a perfect place to take a nap, right here, right now.


  • SITG data
    • zones vertes ou agricoles (inventaire du paysage)
    • bruit
    • pollution
    • chien interdits
  • openstreetmaps (swisstopo didn't have a good resolution at high zoom levels)

The maps are assembled with Openlayers. The user interface is done with sencha touch.

Add the missing layers. The data for car noise is not correct. We need to find the right query for SITG

Add sliders to set the transparency of the different layers.

Switch to sencha touch 2.0 in order to improve performance? The current application is based on an example provided by which uses sencha touch 1.1.

Calculate the distance to the next park. A rough estimate can probably calculated from coordinates directly. A refined answer with a path that can be displayed can be requested from

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