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The vision: We want to help to protect wildlife by the means of an app indiating you entering or coming close to a protection zone. With the GPS information of your mobile device and the GIS data of the zone it will be possible to realize a active wildlife-zone indication system

we found some data (GIS: GPX and ERSI) from Graubünden. We're not quite sure, how to use them. Björn knows people who can help. All coordinates must be converted from CH1903 to WGS84 (swiss military coordinates to world standard coordinates) The problem remains, that we don't have all swiss data. But we mailed BAFU and wait for an answer.

To develop the application could be important: - to know how to handle standard GIS (GEO) -Data - to make an application, some people would use

* uDig - open source GIS

We'vo got:

Björn, the boarder: age: 23 hobby: boarding, skiing, climbing and all kind of risky and funny stuff in the mountains He always carries his mobile with him, he is hip

Gisela, the wanderer age: 53 hobbies: hiking, walking, nordic walking, a good glas of wine She's got a dog, a big one. And a partner, Peter, who also likes hiking in the mountains.

Björn as outdoor-active-freak like to go whereever I want, but I want to respect wildlife (nature)…..

B likes to know when I'm entering a wlp-zone (wildlifeprotection) because I dont't want to enter the zone (or just be prudent)

B likes to know if there is a wlpz near the position where he is now, because (…)

G wants to plan where to go for hiking with her dog and partner, because whe doesn't want to interfere in wildlife

B wants to listen to music and use other apps while beeing informed, when entering a wlpz, because he always uses his iPhone.

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