The following list contains basic issues which can help to improve the open data efforts of an archive that works with several contributors and contributor contracts.

  • Define Open data as a key interest of the archive. Try to involve all stakeholders in the decision.
  • Think realistically about the possibilities, your goals, your expectation and the use cases of the open data efforts. E.g. should it be possible to upload the data to wiki commons? Come in contact with other archives which have already open data activities.
  • Create Open data friendly contributor contracts. For example with the possibility to publish the delivered data under a creative commons license.
  • Motivate/Inform contributors and colleagues about Open data.
  • Add and consequent use a meta-data field with the license/usage information for your data.
  • Add and use a meta-data field with the Open data blocking period, for the case that an item can released later as Open data.
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