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Swiss Heritage Data

This page contains a list of open heritage data from and/or about Switzerland. New arrivals since the last Open Cultural Data have been highlighted with a ⭐️. Feel free to add any further datasets that are in line with the OpenGLAM Principles.

Save for a small number of exceptions listed below, GLAM datasets for the hackathon are being published and promoted on, the national open data registry. GLAM datasets on can be found via their tags glam and openglam (for English, French, German and Italian).

Data providers are invited to manage the description of their data themselves under their own organizational account on As an exception, the OpenGLAM CH Working Group may take care of the listing of the data on behalf of data providers which do not have their own user account on (yet).

Note that we are in an ongoing dialogue with the Federal Statistical Office, who are running, in view of the improvement of the platform with regard to the presentation of heritage data. If you have any suggestions or comments in this regard, please let us know: info(at)

Metadata and images of 3 specific collections:

  • Appenzeller Museum Collection - The collection of a former Museum from Appenzell
  • Crossbow Collection - A collection of photographes of various crossbows
  • Objects hold by famous people - A collection of objects that were owned by famous persons

Data (for all 3 collections) :

License: Metadata : CC0, Photographs : CC BY-SA 4.0, PDF : under clarification


Donation de la comtesse Eldegarde au prieuré de Satigny 21 février 912, cote CH AEG P.H. 1, Public Domain

Inventories of three historical collections:

  • Collection des pièces historiques - This collection contains documents dating from 912 through 1846. It was assembled in the 19th century with the goal of gathering all documents considered interesting from the point of view of political history. The collection comprises 5700 folders with ca. 40'000 documents. Scans of the documents are accessible on the Adhémar database. More (in French)...
  • Archives du département du Léman - This archival collection comprises the documents from the Administration du Léman (Département du Léman) and the Sous-préfecture de Genève during the French administration of Geneva between 1798 and 1813 (see also: "Léman (département)" in the Historical Lexicon of Switzerland)
  • Finances P - This collection consists of accounting documents from the 14th century onwards, organized according to year and topic.

License: CC-0 (Inventories); Public Domain (Scans of historical documents)

Formats: CSV / Excel (Inventories); JPG (Scans of historical documents)

Data / Documentation: (Inventories and documentation in French); Adhemar (Scans of historical documents - search for “pièces historiques” in the section “Recherche de documents numérisés”)


Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire Lausanne BCUL


Anne Cuneo at the Salon du Livre 2011 in Geneva. Photo: Rama, CC BY-SA, via Wikimedia Commons.

A rich database about people notable for special artistical and cultural merits for the Canton of Vaud “personnalités vaudoises” including detailed biographical information and many links of various nature. This data stems from the database originally designed in 2006 to celebrate the Rumine Palace centennial. The database can be browsed online via:

License: Public Domain

Formats: MySQL dump, CSV

Data / Documentation: 20170907_persovd.xlsx


Canton of Zurich - Monuments Protection Service

Photo: Roland zh, CC by-sa 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Inventory of historical monuments in the Canton of Zurich (Denkmalschutzobjekte).

License: list: Open use / descriptions: CC BY 4.0

Data: list as WMS / list as WFS / list as CSV / descriptions as PDF

Documentation: (German)


Federal Office for Civil Protection, PCP Section

Wiesener Viadukt, winning picture of the Wiki Loves Monuments 2013 international photo contest. Photo: David Gubler, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Inventory of Cultural Property in Switzerland (historical buildings and heritage collections). The list of A-objects contains cultural properties of national significance, while the list of B-objects contains the cultural properties of regional significance. Earlier versions of this lists have been transposed to Wikipedia and have been used as a basis for the Swiss edition of the Wiki Loves Monuments international photo competition. Openly licensed pictures of the various objects can be found on Wikimedia Commons.

License: CC-0

Format: CSV / Excel



Federal Roads Office

Historical Road on Septimer Pass. Photo: Mgloor, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Inventory of Historical Traffic Routes in Switzerland is a unique enterprise worldwide: on behalf of the Swiss Confederation ViaStoria has created a cartographical and descriptive survey of all roads and paths, based on their historical traffic importance or on the preserved historical structures of national importance (ca. 3'750 km). These traffic routes are protected under the Swiss Federal Law for the Protection of Nature and Landscape (NHG). More...

License: Non-Standard (Open use. Must provide the source. Use for commercial purposes requires permission of the data owner)

Format: Shapefile (among others)

Data / Documentation:


  • Musée historique de Lausanne (Lausanne Historical museum)
  • Musée Romain Lausanne-Vidy (Lausanne Roman museum)
  • Collection de l'Art Brut (Art Brut Collection)
  • Mudac (Musée de design et d’art appliqués contemporains)
  • Fonds des arts plastiques de la Ville de Lausanne

Lausanne. Le Grand-Pont est inauguré en 1844

There are 185'000 objects, many with digitized images, available through this website which brings together the collections of five museums and art institutions from Lausanne, Switzerland. All items dating from before 1900 are in the Public Domain and the metadata usable under Creative Commons licenses. Additionally this includes the Jacques-Edouard Berger collection from the mudac museum. However, note that most items in the collection de l’art brut, mudac and FAP are copyrighted, but the works of authors deceased for more than 70 years can be used.


  • Images dating from before 1900: Public Domain / no known copyright
  • Works of authors/photographers deceased more than 70 years ago: Public Domain (this will often require some research as the dates of death of the creators are not systematically indicated in the metadata)
  • Other images: All rights reserved.
  • Metadata: CC BY-SA

Formats: JPEG

Data: (click Collections for search options)

Bulk data: will be available at the hackathon courtesy of a team working on a scraper

Contact: Yann Ringgenberg


Historical Tarot Cards, Public Domain

Many playing cards were produced in Switzerland throughout history. Particularly famous was the Müller company in Schaffhausen which is the ancestor of today's AGMüller. But even before there was playing cards manufacturing in Switzerland. We have digitized the playing cards of a tarot game wich was designed in the manufactory of Johann Georg Rauch between 1831 and 1838. Also we have digized a deck of the ancestor deck “Tarot de Besançon”.

License: Public Domain (images)

Format: TIFF

Data: Will be available during the hackathon (to be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons)


Stadtbibliothek Schaffhausen

Detail of page 19 of the “Klosterneuburger Evangelienwerk” (Stadtbibliothek Schaffhausen, Gen. 8, Gen. 8, f. 5r), Public Domain

The “Klosterneuburger Evangelienwerk”, held by the Municipal Library of Schaffhausen, is a large-format manuscript from the 14th century, which contains the oldest version of an illustrated copy of the so-called Klosterneuburger Evangelienwerk, a German prose translation of the Gospels, together with the Lives of the Apostles and various Apocrypha from the New Testament. Over 400 pen and ink wash drawings, irregularly interspersed throughout the manuscript, accompany and illustrate the text.

License: Public Domain (If you make use of this work in a publication, an app, or the like, it is suggested that you cite it according to the citation format proposed by e-codices and send a short notice to the Municipal Library of Schaffhausen.)

Format: JPEG / TIFF

Data: JPEG-files in various formats are available via e-codices / High resolution TIFF-files will be available during the hackathon.

Documentation: e-codices


  •, e-codices (for the TIFF-files)

Universitätsbibliothek Basel

Objects from HAN

The HAN network (Verbund Handschriften - Archive - Nachlässe) describes and catalogues hundreds of archives and collections from natural and juridical persons as well as thousands of medieval and early modern manuscripts, letters, notated music, photographs and objects, and makes them accessible to the general public. It includes objects from the Basel University Library, the Swiss Economic Archive, the Rorschach Archives and Collection, the Archive on the history of women in Switzerland, the Cantonal Libraries of St. Gall and Appenzell-Ausserrhoden, the Central Library of Solothurn, the Central- and University Library of Lucerne and last but not least the Abbey Library of St. Gall. The metadata are available as a EAD-XML-File, converted out of the original MARC21 bibliographic format and enriched with lots of persistent identifiers for persons, corporate bodies, conferences and geographical entities from the Integrated Authority File (GND).

License: cc-by-nc (metadata)

Formats: EAD-XML



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