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 <tr> <tr>
 <td> <td>
-<​b><​big><​a href="/​wiki/​event:​2015-06">Opendata.ch Research ​Hackdays</​a> ​June 5-6, 2015</​big></​b>​+<​b><​big><​a href="/​wiki/​event:​2016-04">Open Energy Data Hackdays</​a></​big></​b>​
 <br/> <br/>
-<a href="/​wiki/​event:​2015-06#venue">​Venue & Registration</​a>​  +<a href="/​wiki/​event:​2016-04#venue_registration">​Venue & Registration</​a>​  
-| <a href="/​wiki/​event:​2015-06#​how_to_get_involved">​Get involved</​a>​  +| <a href="/​wiki/​event:​2016-04#​how_to_get_involved">​Get involved</​a>​  
-| <a href="/​wiki/​data:​research">​Get ​research data</a>+| <a href="/​wiki/​data:​ch">​Get ​Data</a>
 </td> </td>
 </tr> </tr>
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 <!-- End Navigation --></​html>​ <!-- End Navigation --></​html>​
-[[event:​2015-02|Check out the results]] of our last MAKE event, the **Open ​Cultural Data Hackathon**.+[[event:​2015-06|Check out the results]] of our previous ​MAKE event, the **Open ​Research Hackdays**.
-[[event:​home|Browse all previous ​events]].+[[event:​home|Browse all past events]].
 ===== Getting started ===== ===== Getting started =====
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