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-The Swiss Open Data Camp is a collaborative event uniting ideators, developers and designers to create amazing things with open data. Which means the event is about YOU with the unique background and skills you can share - and it takes participation from everybody to make it a success!+====== Wiki Welcome ======
-====== ​Make Open Data Hackdays Wiki ======+The Swiss Make Open Data Camps are collaborative events uniting ideators, developers and designers to create **amazing things with open data**. This wiki is used for collaboration by hackday participants and organizers. Register, log in, use it - it's yours! For any questions, ideas and all things that are not "​documentation":​ feel free to ask on the [[/​forum|forum]].
-This wiki is used for collaboration by the **make.opendata.ch** hackday participants and organizers. Registerlog in, use it - it's yours! For any questionsideas and all things that are not "​documentation"​feel free to let us know on the [[/forum|forum]].+Here you can find details of the [[http://make.opendata.ch|next event]]as well as [[event:​home|events ​in the past]]start, discoverand contribute to [[project:​home|open data projects]]. For our blog and all other information please visit **[[http://​opendata.ch|Opendata.ch]]**, ​the Swiss chapter of **[[http://okfn.org|Open Knowledge]]**.
-Details of the **next hackathon** are up on [[http://​make.opendata.ch]] - see you in Zürich and Geneva on March 30/31! Please register on the home page (even if you already are a user) to give us advance notice on attendanceIf tons of people show up and we didn't know because you didn't register, don't say we didn't warn you :-)+To find data or add links to yours, see **[[data:ch|Open Data home]]**.
-If you're newhere are some useful ​pages to get you started+=== What's MAKE-ing === 
-  * [[information:​quickstart|Open Data Quickstart]]+ 
 +[[event:​home|Browse all past and upcoming events]]. 
 +===== Getting started ===== 
 +If you're new here, welcome! Here are some useful ​links
 +  ​* **[[information:​quickstart|Open Data Quickstart]]**
   * [[user:​home|How to post your maker profile on this wiki?]]   * [[user:​home|How to post your maker profile on this wiki?]]
-  * [[project:home|Where can I find Open Data projects?​]] +  ​* **[[information:showcase|Where can I find Open Data projects?]]** 
-  * [[information:coverage|Web/press coverage of MAKE.OPENDATA.CH]]+  * [[http://make.opendata.ch/​doku.php?​do=recent&​id=project%3Amy-generics&​show_changes=pages|What about a list of the latest edited projects?​]] 
 +  * **[[project:​home|How do I post my Open Data project?​]]** 
 +  * [[resource:​home|Useful resources and information]]
 ===== Social Media ===== ===== Social Media =====
-Please use the tag **#​makeopendata** on [[http://search.twitter.com/​search?​q=%23makeopendata|Twitter]],​ [[http://​www.flickr.com/​search/?​q=makeopendata|Flickr]],​ etc.+ 
 +Please use the tag **#​makeopendata** on [[https://​twitter.com/​search?​q=%23makeopendata&​src=typd|Twitter]], [[http://​www.flickr.com/​search/?​q=makeopendata|Flickr]],​ etc
 +===== Realtime Chat ===== 
 +You can chat on the IRC channel [[irc://​chat.freenode.net/​makeopendata|#​makeopendata]] using your own client or the [[http://​webchat.freenode.net/?​channels=%23makeopendata&​uio=Mj10cnVlJjQ9dHJ1ZSY5PXRydWUmMTE9MjA147|in-browser webchat]].
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