Data journalism in Switzerland
  • We need data journalism in Switzerland. It's an other way to use data. It reaches more people, not only people who has a smartphone.
    We are late in Switzerland. This is not because of the lack of data. We have data as much as the frenchs, amercians, english people do.

    If any of you is interested in sharing ideas, competences, and building great stuff in an editorial point of view; let's meet!
  • Simon Rogers from the Guardian did a course on Data Journalism at the NZZ a few months ago. Based on the audience I got to meet there, there are quite a few people very interested in the field.

    Hit me up if you want more details.
  • Hi Tristan,

    Great! How and when was it?

    Two days ago, I thought that I was the only swiss interested in the field ;) But, actually, there's a couple of journalists or developers that they are.

    I talked a lot with Antone Logean about data journalism yesterday. And, we said we should just start with a mailing list...

    What do you think?

  • Phil, Tristan - this is a great initiative and important to ensuring open data carries a social impact - though I don't know much about the 'scene', my feeling is that you'll find professionals everywhere already engaged or trying to develop skills in data analytics, publishing, visualisation.

    Couple of interesting reads from The Guardian:
    * (they've been at it for nearly 200 years!)

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